SpiceWorx collaborates with Farmvocacy, Solar Hope, Silid Aralan, and ON-OFF Group for Leadership Development and Sustainability

SpiceWorx is working together with Filipino sustainability leaders from Farmvocacy, Solar Hope, and Silid Aralan, in a 3-week online international collaboration program with Japanese professionals. Designed by SpiceWorx, the program is coming up in June 2021. A Manila-based design firm On-Off Group will be on board to facilitate the design sprint, which is a key component of this program. 

SpiceWorx, an expert of Japan-Philippine partnership based in Manila, has been designing and delivering global business leadership development programs for more than a decade in an environment where Filipino and Japanese professionals and/or students work together as a team.

One of our signature programs is the “Mission-Driven Business Challenge Program”. In this program, the participants, who are normally young professionals from Japan and the Philippines, will be given real business missions/challenges from our partner organizations engaged by SpiceWorx.  In 2021, we will deliver this program virtually as an online collaboration between Filipinos and Japanese. Sixteen (16) participants will be joining from various parts of both countries. The program focuses on raising funds via crowdfunding and solution design using remote Design Sprint. And it aims to create real value for sustainability initiatives of the 3 partner organizations. 

SpiceWorx has partnered with three (3) Philippine-based NPOs/Social Enterprise to give the real challenges of their operation to be addressed by the joint team of their own members and Japanese participants of the program over 3 weeks. 

Japanese participants are 9 young employees of a manufacturing company, coming from the background of engineering, corporate planning, R&D, sales, and information technology. 

While this program is a “learning by doing” business training and internship for the participants from Japan, their mission is not just learning but to create real value for our partner NPOs/Social Enterprises in 3 weeks. 

Farmvocacy is a social enterprise, partnering with smallholder farmers in the Philippines and aiming to increase their income by more than 370%, from the current US$2.5 per day for them to be able to live a dignified life. 

Silid Aralan is an NPO, aiming to help underprivileged low-performing students discover their passion and love for learning and realize their full potential. Since 2007, Silid Aralan was able to empower over 7,500 learners across the Philippines.

Solar Hope is an NPO that provides solar and sustainable solutions to marginalized communities in the Philippines. Through adopting marginalized communities and partnering with community champions they have adopted 5 communities and lighted 263 homes so far. 

Team SpiceWorx is really excited to deliver this online international collaboration program with our amazing partners soon!