GAIA GAYA at GAIA Journey Week 13 Arrival Session and Presencing Institute Global Forum

GAIA GAYA was Presented to the Global Community

SpiceWorx is one of the founding members of GAIA GAYA, a Philippine based initiative that raises awareness, triggers action and catalyzes collaboration for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GAIA GAYA is a platform of making SDGs everybody’s business. SpiceWorx worked with other core members from TRAIL and Human Capital Asia to bring GAIA GAYA to presence in May 2020. As of now it is a biweekly online gathering of anybody interested in SDGs.

GAIA GAYA was born as a result of a project under U.Lab 2x by the Presencing Institute lead by Dr. Otto Scharmer and his colleagues. U.Lab 2x is a four month program for Theory U practitioners around the world to actually apply the Theory U (the U process) in real transformation projects, bringing the prototype stage initiative to the next level of making impacts.

GAIA GAYA was one of the 3 projects given an opportunity to present the Presencing Institute #GAIAjourney Week 13, the arrival session on June 19, 2020. We are truly honored to be able to introduce GAIA GAYA to the global community! I presented GAIA GAYA’s and it starts from around 1:19:00 as the host Antoinette Klatzky introduces the speaker.

The picture below presents our journey of ‘presencing’ GAIA GAYA. The points I would like to make by using this very crowded picture are only two.

First, our 4 months journey was cradled and empowered by U.Lab 2x program, GAIA journey and U. Academy.

U.Lab 2x was the platform which gave us process, tools, guidelines, practices and community as we applied Theory U in creating change we intended, which was to raise awareness and trigger action for SDGs in the Philippines.

GAIA journey gave as deep questions to contemplate, and the sense of connectedness with the global community.

A three day Digital Leadership Training by U.Academy enabled our 4 member core team to facilitate our journey digitally as in-person meetings became no longer possible during the project due to lockdown.

 U process helped us let go of our pre-COVID original plan, although we invested significant amount of time and money to prepare ourselves.

My second point is that in hind-site, COVID-19 was positive contributor in ‘presencing’ GAIA GAYA. In the past 4 months, our core team members shared about 200 hours together, mostly online. It was possible largely because we were under lockdown, we were not going anywhere, our usual business was down and we had plenty of time to allocate on U.Lab 2x project.

Since May 20, 2020 to the date of the GAIA presentation, we had four GAIA GAYA sessions. Our first 4 sessions of GAIA GAYA invited speakers addressing Poverty & Education, Deforestation, Disaster relief and Saving children from online sexual abuse and exploitation.   I am truly grateful to Mr. Arcie Mallari, the founder of Silid Aralan empowering academically underperforming students from marginalized community, Mr. Raf Dionicio, the co-founder of MAD Travel who is fighting against deforestation through sustainability conscious tourism, Ms. Sarah Queblatin, co-founder and executive director of Green Releaf Initiatives who is creating disaster resilient community with regenerative practices, and Ms. Chi-Chi Sangil, who is passionately fighting against online sexual exploitation of children.

And I would like to note that Sarah and Chi-Chi are also U.Lab 2x initiatives from the Philippines.

GAIA GAYA Booth at the Presencing Institute Global Forum on HOPIN

Three weeks after I presented GAIA GAYA to the global community for the first time, we had another big opportunity to let the world know what GAIA GAYA is doing, by joining the annual Global Forum of the Presencing Institute, organized online for the first time.

Originally, this Global Forum was scheduled to be held in Berlin, Germany. If it were not for COVID-19, GAIA GAYA would not have been born and our team would not have been able to join the Global Forum by flying all the way from Manila to Berlin. It was because the event was done online, GAIA GAYA team was able to be a part of the event and we presented our short introduction video at our virtual event booth on the platform of HOPIN.

At this Global Forum, GAIA GAYA even hosted a session for dialogue with the global community of Theory U practitioners. The theme of our session was “Dialogue on Measuring Indirect Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals”.

I will write about this bold attempt in another blog.